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What We Teach

  • We teach holistic swim lessons at the pace of the students, taking fear and pressure out of the learning.

  • We teach basic infant safety training 1 on 1 with the parent or guardian present in the water.

  • We teach basic swimming techniques starting with Front Crawl or Freestyle, Then Backstroke or Backcrawl.

  • Once the student learns those 2 foundational strokes we teach the other 2 competitive strokes, Breast stroke and Butterfly.

  • If the student would like to train further for a swim team or already is a part of a team, we help train and prepare for that as well.

  • We have worked with older kids going into boy scouts and/or other physical examinations including swimming and will successfully help the student achieve the desired goal.

  • We have worked with many adults needing to learn swimming for a military  course, physical examination or any other project requiring basic or above average abilities in swimming technique.

Pool Options

Personal Pool

Personal Pool

You have your own pool? We can come to you!

Indoor Pool

Indoor Pools

Want to continue your swimming skills in the fall and winter? We now have an indoor pool available!

Outdoor Pool

Convenient Outdoor Pools

Don't have a pool? No problem! We have several to choose from!

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